Rejuvenate & Renew: A Wholistic Haven for Mothers

Welcome to our MotherWise Urban Retreat, a sanctuary nestled amidst the rhythm of everyday life. Step into the haven we have designed exclusively for mothers. I will take you through a body-reviving yoga session, delve into a motherhood and pediatric-specific naturopathic lecture, and experience traditional shamanic practices to connect with yourself deeply. We will engage in an intimate Q&A session, where sharing and learning from one another intertwine. Embrace this opportunity to replenish yourself, leaving with a renewed sense of balance and purpose to navigate with grace the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Motherwise Urban Retreat by doula Anna Maria 4

Re-wilding motherhood

Motherhood can easily become a lonely journey with the pressures of having to do it all and still thrive. Mothers used to work together in synergy, supported and connected. Today, we do things differently, for better or worse, but often at the detriment of our mental and physical health. As a naturopath and doula, I have served women and mothers for more than 14 years on the quest to find a new balance during our life transitions and during the motherhood phase of life, which is particularly demanding.

As a mother of four, I know deeply how the demands for nurturing, managing, and always being available can dismantle all good intentions we had for our self-care. Through my personal and clinical experience, I have worked on (and tweaked) many ways to prevent and recover from feeling depleted, burnt out, and burdened by the demands of motherhood.

This urban retreat is my offering to mothers which gives us a place to re-connect with ourselves, each other, and take pause to go deeper into our own inner wisdom, clarify our needs for wellbeing, and articulate the steps we need to take to do motherhood with more balance and grace.


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I will take you through the following

  • Physical movement in the form of yoga and breathing to specifically tackle the tight chest and tired shoulders and restabilise the core and spine. 
  • Naturopathic wisdom session to share the important key messages for nutrition and health during the motherhood phase of life.
  • Shamanic drum meditation to explore traditional ways we can go deeper into our innate wisdom and be guided on our life journey.
  • We will sit in circle to connect and share and experience being seen, heard and held. 
  • Q&A to ensure you have your personal questions answered.

The MotherWise Urban Retreat: Saturday, June 29th OR Sunday, June 30th

Each day has the same structure and offerings, Saturday (a morning session) is designed for mothers to attend with small babies who cannot crawl yet. Mothers with infants 6 months and older are encouraged to attend the Sunday session. However, if you prefer to come on Saturday, you are most welcome. There will be no babies on Sunday; it's a Mothers-only session.

Date: Sunday, June 30th

Location: Cooper Park Community Hall: 12 Cooper Park Rd, Bellevue Hill 2023


  1. Saturday session 9.30 am - 1pm 
  2. Sunday Session 1.30 pm - 5.00 pm

Get your ticket $159

Your ticket includes morning or afternoon tea and all materials. Yoga equipment will be provided. This event is pregnancy-friendly.

This retreat is for you ...

If you want to take the steps to update your current knowledge about your health and body for this specific life stage - Motherhood.

If you want to ensure you are living in a holistic way that brings motherhood and yourself into a dynamic balance.

If you want to connect and be surrounded by like-minded women.

If you enjoy and believe in weaving mind, body and spirit together.

If you want to give yourself the gift of spending time deeply immersed in health and wholistic wisdom.

If you want to return home more grounded, more balanced and inspired to instil a more sustainable for you and your family.

This retreat is an opportunity to take rest, slow down, learn and move with integrity, while practising radical self-care. 

Get your ticket $159

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