Mission Statement

Facilitate the optimal well-being of each client. 

Help women find their innately powerful voice through health and socially-conscious education to ensure a positive birth.

Build a global birth support business to implement solutions for better pregnancy and birth experiences for all mothers and babies. 

Bring awareness to improve the fourth trimester and aim to reduce PND and PNA, and thus a stronger and more joyous bonding with baby.

Vision & Values

Solve problems for the client - not just for their happiness and health but for their successes today and tomorrow

Respect each client and tailor my service to their individual needs

Respect the work of obstetricians and midwives and everyone involved in a birth team

Seek deep knowledge and establish habits of life-long learning with intellectual curiosity

Spread power by sharing knowledge and inspire families to share their health knowledge in their homes and communities

Find and share solutions to local and regional health issues and problems

Always strive to be as sustainable as I possibly can be

Promote sustainable foods as the best medicine in preventing sudden health surprises

Be open, be transparent and provide the best and most thorough service

My Story

Adv. Dip Nutritional Medicine, Adv. Dip Herbal Medicine (ACNT), Paediatric Nutrition Cert. (Monash), Cert. Birth Doula (Childbirth International), Cert. Yoga Instructor (YogaWorks NYC). 

I have worked as a women's health naturopath (nutrition & herbal medicine) since 2010 in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and I have guided women on their journey through pregnancy and motherhood. I specialise in making sure you are nurtured both nutritionally and emotionally. My work covers the cellular health including blood testing and nutrient screening, as well as emotional support and education.

Having been through pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding, I have a passion for women’s health and for providing them with the best information and support they need to go through life. It is a miracle every time new life is created and when you know the ins and out of the actual process, it’s truly a spectacular process! I work with women of all ages – and their families – and help educate them about their bodies and making the right choices for optimal health and wellbeing. I educate women through pregnancy Support them during birth and post-birth, and I support them to get back on track while breastfeeding. I love seeing women being in control and enabling them to enjoy these different stages. Feeling strong and healthy will help you have a beautiful experience.

I started my studies in Sydney at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies to embark on a life as a Naturopath. I now hold an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional and Herbal Medicine and I am a registered practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). 

I do continuous courses and seminars to upgrade my knowledge and stay up to date on the newest research in the profession. Additionally, I am a certified birth doula with Childbirth International and studying to become a lactation consultant.

As well as seeing weekly patients at the clinic, I give talks on stress management and health for larger business groups and teams.  I also give regular talks for mums with babies, as well as workshops on kid's immune system, fuzzy eaters, kids optimal nutrition and starting solids for babies.

Meet Anna-Maria

I am originally from Denmark, but now a proud and happy Australian citizen. I live in Sydney with my loving husband and our three beautiful daughters.

When you come to see me in clinic, I go through your diet and lifestyle and any acute or chronic conditions you may have. I then suggest changes to restore your body’s health and together we find a way to implement these new changes so that it is easy for you. 

The changes include diet, lifestyle, sleep, exercise, supplements etc. I work with orthodox medicine and at times a blood pathology test may be needed to see what is happening at a cellular level. For example, a test is often requested to look at iron, calcium and/or vitamin D levels, cholesterol and hormone balance, to mention a few. Follow-up consultations are scheduled, lasting 30-45 minutes, to check the progress of the plan, make further adjustments and give ongoing support. 

If you are looking for a birth doula we always start by having a complimentary first meeting to see if I am the right doula for you. Learn more about my doula services and book your first free doula consultation.


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