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Initial consultations (90 mins) are available on Thursdays. We discuss your current and past health, lifestyle, diet etc. You will receive a diet plan, personalised handouts, supplement prescriptions, pathology referral and if needed herbal medicine will be posted to you after the consult.




Follow up consultations are the way we check in on your progress and adjust your treatment along the way as needed. The standard follow up appointment is 20 mins long but different times and prices are available for shorter or longer sessions. If you need a quick check in or have acute questions choose a 10min ($50) consultation time. If you have not had a consult for longer than 6 months you may need a longer follow up of 45 mins ($150). Consultations with Anna-Maria are time-dependent. You will be charged based on the time spent on your consultation.




/ consultation

Ideal for anyone who know they need more comprehensive and ongoing support, and would like to save money. This does not include an initial consult. The package of $495 will be payable at your first consultation and receipts emailed for your health fund rebate after each appointment. Save $100!


How does an online phone consultation work?

You can have a consultation at your convenience at home, at the office and anywhere in the world. I will contact you at your scheduled appointment time and after your consultation I email all your notes and instructions, so you have everything right away. Pathology referrals can also be emailed or posted to you as needed. Any supplements I recommend to you will be available to you via a simple patient order link that will post your supplements directly to your home or office. Herbal tonics will be made by myself and I will post these to you with courier the same or next day. 

When you book your consultation time you can specify how you would like to have your online consult - via phone, skype, facetime or zoom. Just add it to your booking. 

Payments are required at the time of your consultation and a tax receipt will be emailed to you right away. Payments are processed via the secure payment platform Stripe or you can make a bank transfer. Private health funds do not offer rebates on online consultations at this stage. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you registered practitioner?
  • I am a registered practitioner with ATMS (no. 24523) and registered with most private health funds for claimable rebates. As part of my registration, I am doing continuous education to stay on top of the latest research and developments in the health industry.
  • Please note: as of April 1st 2019 new guidelines have come into effect causing some of the major health funds to not offer rebates for natural therapies. 
Examples of what a nutritionist and herbalist does:
  • Consultations allocate enough time to have a thorough conversation about your health. This is the fundamentals to ensure appropriate treatment. 
  • Adjust your diet to ensure you have optimal nourishment and provide you with the skills to use food as medicine at home. 
  • Prescribe top quality, practitioner only, supplements as needed (not always and usually never more than three type of supplements) to ensure you are replenished where deficient.
  • Prescribe herbal medicine (tablets or liquid) to support your wellbeing and address any underlying acute or chronic causes of dis-ease. 
Examples of who can benefit from my clinical services:
  • People with digestive issues such as bloating, IBS, flatulence, constipation, gut pain, and GIT discomfort
  • Anyone wondering if they have a food allergy
  • People wanting to fall pregnant inc. prepping for pregnancy in the near future and IVF support
  • All pregnant women wanting to ensure they're eating right and want to address a genetic/familial tendency to one or several conditions (allergies etc)
  • Nursing mothers needing support with lactation and their baby
  • fourth trimester, postpartum, support to recover and address new gut/weight/mental challenges
  • Hormonal issues
  • Period discomfort (PMS) 
  • Chronic and recurrent infections
  • Acute illness that requires urgent support (phone consults are available for quick support)
  • Babies and children health such as immune and food-related issues. 
  • Anyone with eczema and psoriasis 
  • Lethargy and fatigue

If you are wondering if I can help you please feel free to email me. 

What is a naturopath and how is it different from a nutritionist and herbalist?

A naturopath is an umbrella term for Nutrition, Herbalism, homoeopathy and massage. 

I am a registered nutritionist and herbalist (with ATMS 24523), 

I can't find a time that works for me, can you help?

Yes, I will always try to accommodate your schedule the best I can. Email me with your preferred date and time and I will help you if I can.

What does supplements and herbal tonics cost?

Supplements vary a great deal in pricing anywhere from $10-$100+. I have a general policy of never prescribing more than 3 supplements to ensure cost efficiency and also general compliance. I also believe that supplements are not to be taken forever. Most often supplements are needed to rectify a deficiency or supply a need for a certain period of time in your life (such as pregnancy or whilst recovering from surgery) occasionally some supplements are needed for long-term use (such as chronic illness or genetic conditions) 

Herbal tonics are most often given in one of two sizes: 200ml $60.00 or 500ml $150.00 typically lasting 2-5 weeks. I use a courier to deliver your herbal tonics quick and safely.

I would like to get a blood test before my consultation can you help me?

Yes, I can issue you a pathology referral to Laverty Pathology (Australia only) via post or email that you can take directly to the pathology lab. Due to the time required to issue your referral, there is a charge of $30/referral when done outside a consultation. Occasionally I may suggest we have a quick follow up (10min) via the phone so I can ensure you get the correct tests.

I need another herbal tonic/more supplements how do I get this?

Great! You can email me anytime and tell me what you need. If you just need a top-up of your current prescriptions just let me know. If you haven't had a consultation for a while I may need to have a short consultation (in person or over the phone) to make sure I give you the correct formula. In any case, start by sending me an email.

Do you see children of all ages?
Yes, I do. I have in fact children at all ages from newborn to teenagers. I always require a parent to be present for children under 18 years. All notes related to the consult is shared with you to ensure full transparency.  
Can you interpret my current pathology results from my GP/Specialist?

Yes, if you have any previous tests (pathology results, stool tests, allergy tests, genetic tests etc) please email these to me prior to your appointment. This will allow for a more comprehensive and in-depth appointment and save you time. Please note that a fee may apply to the time I spend going through your test results. $20 per 20minutes. You will be notified if this fee applies to you before it is commenced.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, 24 hours notice is required for cancellations otherwise, the full fee will be charged. No refunds on services. A late 50% rescheduling fee may be applied if you reschedule or forget your consultation.


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