Having the right birth team by your side makes a world of a difference

Giving birth is an extraordinary life-transforming experience so having the right birth team by your side makes a world of difference.

It is well known that women who feel supported and safe in labour are more likely to have better outcomes and a smoother recovery. For centuries and in most cultures, women are assisted by a doula, or elder, who knows the process of labour and what is required to keep the woman safe and calm so she can do the deep work of birthing her baby.

As a doula, I am your and your partner's support person during pregnancy, labour and post-birth so you can experience an empowered birth. Every pregnancy and birth is different. 

I have worked as a women's health naturopath (nutrition & herbal medicine) since 2010 in Sydney, and I have guided women through their pregnancy and motherhood journey. I specialise in making sure you are nurtured both nutritionally and emotionally. My work covers cellular health, including blood testing and nutrient screening, as well as emotional support and education.

Having birthed my own four children (one in a private hospital and the other two in a birthing centre, and the fourth at our home in Greater Sydney) with the assistance of a doula, I know how wonderful it is to have a good birth team, and what a difference it made to have continuous support before, during and after birth. Every mother who allows me on her journey is a gift to me, and I am grateful to be there in this unique and transformative time.

Women who work with me feel strong, nourished, supported and informed. In the post-partum period, I offer recovery and lactation support.

Most midwives and hospitals encourage the presence of a doula, as it offers more support for the birthing mother and allows for the medical team to attend to their duties of admin work and looking after other birthing women.


By having me as your doula, you will:
  • Be more confident in knowing your options during labour and birth
  • Have the information and support you need so you can surrender and relax fully during labour and birth
  • Feel more connected with your birth partner and medical support people
  • Your partner will be more relaxed and supported because he/she is also supported by me
  • Reduce your chances of intervention 
  • Have a solid postpartum plan that supports everyone in your family and reduces your chances of stress and anxiety
  • Have support with lactation and breastfeeding immediately after birth and ongoingly in the first few weeks and months
  • Improve your health and well-being by planning your nutrition and health with my guidance 






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What's included in my doula services

My doula service package

  • We always start by having a complimentary first meeting to see if I'm the right doula for you
  • three-four pre-birth visits in your home. I will help you write your birth plan, speak to you about all things birth and health-related, and ensure you get all your questions and worries answered
  • Frequent phone and email/text message contact 
  • On call from 38 weeks 
  • I supply you with the Labour TENs machine, so you don't have to rent one
  • I supply you with herps for pre-labour, birth and postpartum
  • I supply and show you my rebozo work (to help position your baby and as pain relief)
  • I give you recipes and diet advice for pregnancy, birth (labour foods) and for the postpartum period for excellent recovery and breast milk production.
  • I provide you with Raspberry leaf tincture from 36 weeks to help prepare for birth.
  • I provide pathology referrals and guidance to ensure you are nutritionally balanced and screened for deficiencies.
  • Birth (unlimited)
  • four post-birth visits inc., lactation support, and nutrition support
  • I regularly attended births at: Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney - delivery ward and birth centre midwifery group. Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Randwick. North Shore Private and Public St. Leonards, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, Mater Maternity Hospital North Sydney, Sydney Adventist Hospital 'the San' Wahroonga, the blue mountains, as well as home births.


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Examples of what a doula does before birth

  • Meet with you several times to connect and build a strong and caring connection, so you and your partner feel supported by me. 
  • Speak with you about your wishes and hopes for your labour, birth and postpartum.
  • Help you write your birth plan if you choose to have one. 
  • Answer your questions as they arise, no matter how many - I am here to answer them. 
  • Show your partner how you are best supported during labour (massage, positions etc.).
  • I will lend you books and provide videos so that you can educate yourself further and learn more about birth and the postpartum time. 
  • Debrief previous births if this is not your first birth.
  • Explore your birth options.
  • Help you with your health and nutrition. 
  • Talk and help you with your worries and anxieties.

What a doula does during and after birth

What happens during and after birth?

Examples of what a doula does during birth:

  • Massage, hip squeeze, rebozo, make you a bath etc., to make you as comfortable as possible
  • Support you and your partner and answer all your questions as they arise
  • Keep you hydrated and fed (with the right foods and drinks) during labour
  • Guide your partner (and other family members) to best support you
  • Keep you moving and resting according to your need and stage in labour
  • Help you stay in line with your wishes and goals for your desired labour
  • Notify and update our friends and family of your progress if you wish
  • Stay with you after the delivery of your baby to ensure your baby has begun breastfeeding

Examples of what a doula does after you have given birth:

  • Help you with breastfeeding and baby care at home
  • Help you settle into the new way of life
  • Answer your questions
  • Debrief the birth 
  • Support you through potential emotional changes
  • Show you slings and belly support as needed
  • Available via phone and email in the postpartum 
  • Ensure you receive the right care that you need 
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Doula Pricing & additional services

How much does a doula cost?

Doula Price: $6000 

The full doula package can be paid in instalments, with the final and full payment being made at week 37 of pregnancy.

It can also be paid in monthly instalments on agreement.

Doula services are available across Sydney, Greater Sydney and surrounding suburbs such as Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney North, Northern Beaches, Southern Sydney, as well as the Blue Mountains.

I also offer:

  • Baby blessing ceremony 
  • Placenta encapsulation (provided by my colleagues)
  • Massage
  • Lactation advice
  • Herbal medicine and nutritional consultations 
  • Yoga
  • Books and educational material
  • Postpartum food delivery (Mum and Bub food to help you recover and support milk production. Nutrient-dense and nourishing) 

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"If you are looking for a doula who is super experienced, passionate about her work, caring, authentic, down to earth, keeping it real and honest at all times - in short, an absolute goddess, Anna-Maria is the person you would feel privileged to receive support from during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It was the best decision to work with Anna-Maria to help prepare us for our birth and all the magic that comes after. There wasn't a day during our pregnancy on which my husband and I weren't grateful that we had Anna-Maria in our corner. She is wise beyond her years, and it's super helpful that she is also a nutritionist and herbalist. We would recommend Anna-Maria as a doula in a heartbeat. In fact, we believe anyone who is being supported by her would feel so lucky, at least we definitely did!"

.- Silke, Mother of Emmie, Sydney.

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- Paddy, new father of baby girl Vivienne

A Father's Testimonial

"Anna-Maria recently acted as doula for my partner Alexis and I on the birth of our first child, Vivienne.

Before meeting Anna Maria, I was completely unaware of the concept of a doula and what role they had to play in child birth. Since it was our first time, we were obviously quite nervous and unsure of what to expect from the whole process of labour and child birth in general.

I found that impending fatherhood brought with it a huge range of emotions and questions for me personally. Part of this consideration was obviously in regard to the actual birth itself - how I would feel, act, re-act during this exciting but potentially stressful period!

When Alexis mentioned and explained the idea of being accompanied by a doula, I was initially slightly unnerved. My initial reaction was that I wanted the birth to be intimate and personal and having an outsider present may negate this!

I also worried that my role at the birth would become less important and that I would end up taking somewhat of a back seat while the doula took control.

On the contrary, having Anna-Maria present unquestionably enhanced the experience significantly. Her insight and constant re-assurance during the process gave both Alexis and I a sense of calm throughout and the extra support of a professional cannot be underestimated.

The key thing I found was that Anna-Maria understands the balance required between supporting but not being overpowering during the birth. She maintained a constant presence but also gave us the space to maintain a personal closeness.

Because she has been through this a number of times previously, Anna-Maria had prepared for every eventuality both in pre-labour and at the hospital. This took so much of the pressure off of me, this may sound selfish but when it's your first time the whole experience can be quite daunting for a man regardless of how much you have prepared!

The important thing is that my partner Alexis was so much happier with the doula support, this is really the key for me.

If we decide to have another child, we will 100% be availing of Anna-Maria's service again."

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Meet Birth Doula Anna-Maria

My primary focus is to make you, the pregnant woman feel nurtured, cared for and to ensure your optimal health. A birthing mother is immensely strong and powerful, yet vulnerable, and as a birth doula, I work to hold space for you to feel supported, safe and grounded.

Breastfeeding and recovering in the postnatal period is a job best done with a caring community and my aim is to offer as much guidance as possible (and as needed) by educating and supporting you as a new mother.

I support and attended births at; Royal Hospital for Women - delivery ward and birth centre midwifery group, Prince of Wales Private, North Shore Private, North Shore Birth Centre, North Shore Public, Royal Prince Alfred in Sydney, Australia, The Mater, The San, St. George, Bowral Hospital and The Blue Mountains.

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