Why Birth Preparation?

Giving birth to your baby is one of the biggest experiences in your life, if not the biggest. So, being prepared, informed and familiar with what is ahead will make it less intimidating and scary, but more importantly, it will help you to have an experience that is aligned with your values and your wishes and where you are able to give informed consent and be aligned with our chosen medical caregiver(s). This is essential for a birth experience that will add strength and resilience to your life going forward and ensure your transition from maiden to mother is a wholesome transition. It's ultimately not about how it unfolds but how you feel and how you are supported in the process. Birth and babies are unpredictable, to say the least, so this is about preparing for the unknown and rising to the challenge with wisdom and as many tools as possible. 

Learn how to:

  • Build confidence by being prepared for birth
  • Create an experience that aligns with your values and wishes
  • Align with your chosen medical caregiver(s)
  • Add strength and resilience to your life when transitioning into motherhood
  • How to get the best support in the birth process
  • Prepare for breastfeeding
  • Write a birth plan 

Emotional Support For Birth

I often say that birth and labour is 80% emotional and mental work. Yes, you have to work physically (20%), but your emotions and mindset is what can make or break your journey. Any athlete will tell you that preparing for a race or tournament will require as much practise mentally as physically - labour and birth is similar in the way that it's a journey where you will be pushed to your limit and for that to be successful you need a well-prepared mindset. Let's create your plan for a strong mindset.

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Physical Support For Birth

It is no secret that labour is a physical experience and there are some essential preparations that you can do to ensure the birth of your baby will unfold best possible. It doesn't require a lot to get your body ready for birth but it takes daily dedication. Your body will change significantly during pregnancy as that is worth supporting to minimise discomforts, but also being on top of your physique will ultimately help labour and birth unfold with ease. Guiding you through the physical experience of childbirth. 

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Nutritional Support For Birth

Often overlooked, but in my experience on par with everything else you do in preparation for the birthing your baby. If you have nutritionally prepared and optimised your body, the cells and your 'foundation', you will accelerate everything else; labour, birth as well as recovery. It's akin to fertilising your garden. Your body has to be well nourished and replenished for your mindset to be sound. Your body's resilience and your ability to heal and recover - without good nutritional support - can be an uphill battle. Moreover, the repercussions are unpleasant. Being nutritionally informed will make this a powerful journey. Not a hard one. All nutritional education included. 

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What You Get In A Session

Each session will be tailored to your stage of the pregnancy journey. These sessions are very similar to the work I do with my birth doula clients (the clients where I attend their birth as well), where we talk about the steps you can take to enhance your mindset, your health and your knowledge. There are no limits to the information you can get to improve your journey. If you want more physical tools, more mindset or emotional support, risk prevention or postpartum preparation - we will focus on exactly that. If you want a guide for the journey ahead, you can trust I will be helping you on the way. We all need different things on this ride to motherhood, and it is my mission and passion to ensure you realise your full potential and feel the significance of being informed. An informed, passionate and adaptable woman is immensely powerful - and that is exactly what we need to welcome our babies into the world. 

  • A tailored birth preparation and birth education experience
  • Mindset & health focus
  • Emotional support
  • Risk prevention
  • Postpartum preparation
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