Lactation Counselling Appointment

Initial Consult



Home Visit.

Our initial consult will address your situation and concerns. I will support you in gaining all the relevant information you need to be supported and know how to tackle any issues you are facing. I am your guide and facilitator and will help you work through what it happening and find a solution. Initial consults are up to 90 minutes long.

Follow up



Home Visit.

A follow-up can be helpful to address any new concerns or issues. Follow-up consultations are also ideal to ensure you are on track and will allow us to explore areas that need more attention or management. Typically most women choose to have one or two follow-up sessions to feel reassured and to prevent further issues. Follow-up consultations are up to 60mins long.

Initial Consult




Virtual consults are great for you if you need an urgent appointment or are located outside my visiting areas. Virtual appointments are available worldwide and support you at any stage of your breastfeeding journey. Initial consults are $200 and 90 minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the full doula package?
  • Two two pre-natal meetings, two post-natal visits
  • Help you write your birth plan if you choose to have one. 
  • Unlimited support during labour and birth
  • Unlimited communication from week 38 (sms, phone, e-mail - any of your preferred methods of communication). Yes any time of the day or night 24/7.
  • Answer your questions as they arise, no matter how many - I am here to answer them. 
  • Show your partner how you are best supported during labour (massage, positions etc.).
  • I will lend you books and provide videos so that you can educate yourself further and learn more about birth and the postpartum time. 
  • Debrief previous births, if this is not your first birth.
  • Explore your birth options.
  • Help you with your health and nutrition. Full naturopathic support.
  • Talk and help you with your worries and anxieties.

Read about everything you will receive in my doula service package here.

Are there any other additional costs in the doula package?
There are absolutely no additional costs to my doula package. The price includes everything. All communication, transportation, logistics  Tens machine, rebozo and Raspberry leaf are all part of my full doula service package. In the full doul package you also get massage and other body therapies arranged with no additional costs
Can I pay for the doula package in instalments?
Yes, I offer flexible payment plans. We can work out payment so it works for you - all fees must be paid before 37 weeks gestation.
Examples of what a doula does during birth:
  • Massage, hip squeeze, rebozo, make you a bath etc. to make you as comfortable as possible
  • Support you and your partner and answer all your questions as they arise
  • Keep you hydrated and fed (with the right foods and drinks) during labour
  • Guide your partner (and other family members) to best support you
  • Keep you moving and resting according to your need and stage in labour
  • Help you stay in line with your wishes and goals for your desired labour
  • Notify and update our friends and family of your progress if you wish
  • Stay with you after the delivery of your baby to ensure your baby has begun breastfeeding
  • Ensure you are never alone (unless you wish to be)
  • Provide you with continuity of care - hence the importance of our prenatal meetings and continuous contact via email/text/phone so we are connected and you feel comfortable and supported with and by me. This is the most highly regarded aspect of hiring me as your doula, according to my past clients. 
What is a postpartum doula?
  • Postpartum Doula Support Package

    My postnatal support emphasises the importance of a healthy and supportive fourth trimester. My goal as your postpartum doula is to fulfil your emotional and physical needs as this builds the foundation for an optimal bonding between you and your baby. I will assess your situation, answer all your questions and find solutions to your and your baby's individual needs.

    For your optimal start to the fourth trimester;
    • You will be able to contact me 24/7 for immediate support the first week, yes any time of the day
    • I will help you with getting breastfeeding off to a good start if you wish to breastfeed
    • I will provide you with my nutritionist and naturopath clinic support, including guidance to nutritional and herbal medicine, to boost your recovery
    My scope of practice covers:
    • Debriefing birth experience (all previous experiences)
    • Newborn baby care (based on my clinical naturopathy work)
    • Screening for PND/PNA
    • Food and diet support with my clinical nutrition background
    • Supplementation advice
    • Blood test screening/advice as needed
    • Evidence-based breastfeeding support
    • Emotional support and guidance
    • Sibling support - resources to help cope with two or more babies.
    • Complimentary herbs to help milk supply
    The postpartum package includes:
    • 1 x prenatal visit*
    • 3 x post-natal visits*
    • 2 x Organic Recovery Soups
    • 1 x Homebaked Sourdough bread
    All inclusive Postpartum Support Package
    Can be paid in instalments.

    $150 for any additional visit**
    *Up to 2 hours allocated for you per visit. $150 for additional hours.
    **Up to 1,5 hours allocated for additional visits
How much does a doula cost?

$5000 or $3500

All doula services can be paid in instalments.

Let's connect!

It's my mission to ensure women are cared for and supported. I know what a difference it makes to a woman when she has support by her side and is well informed. A calm and prepared woman can do phenomenal things (such as birth), and the ripple effect is a baby that has had a peaceful and nurtured beginning to his/her life. A peaceful and nurtured start makes a world of difference, and all it comes down to is connection, education and support.

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