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Starting your baby on solids

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Motherhood With Confidence.

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Starting solids

Learn everything you need to know about starting solids. Supporting your baby's digestive development and building a healthy relationship with food starts from day one! This program will give you the guidance and insight you need to know what foods are best for you baby to start with and how to ensure your baby gets everything he/she needs as the months go by. Join us to feel well informed and ready for this new milestone.

Online Program

The 4th Trimester

Prepare for the postpartum so you can do motherhood with confidence. Knowing what to eat and how to support yourself after birth is the key to feeling your very best as you transform into motherhood. This course will reduce your chances of postpartum depression, anxiety and depletion. We will cover your nutrition needs, your physical recovery, natural remedies, your baby's needs and much more. This course is best done prior to birth.

Coming soon 2020

Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding is by far the best gift for a baby as well as the mother. Be prepared and get the support you need for the learning curve of breastfeeding. Take the worry and uncertainty away and you will know how to nourish your baby and do what ultimately is the best for yourself as well. Knowing is key for a successful breastfeeding journey.


Three Keys For Motherhood



The biggest support needed in the journey to and during motherhood is continuity of care. Giving support by way of knowing you and your history saves you time and offers you and your loved ones optimal care and support.



As an individual you have needs that are unique to you. Your family history, your constitution, your lifestyle all serves as a blueprint that is yours only. By honouring this your nutrition must be tailored accordingly to serves you the best health possible.



Wellbeing and thriving in life requires a multifaceted approach of continuous education through the different stages of your life. You are always going to be searching for further growth and wisdom as a mother which I wholeheartedly encourage.


Feedback from live event attendees

"I highly recommend Anna-Maria's "The Fourth Trimester" seminar and I am so glad that this was brought to my awareness during my pregnancy. There was so much helpful information provided, including the importance of self-care, nutrition and planning for a support network, that I feel is often left out of the conversation in many other pregnancy resources. I have walked away from the seminar with much more knowledge and confidence about the next step beyond the birth and do think that this advance preparation and forethought will be helpful in navigating the first few months postpartum"

The 4th Trimester

"Anna-Maria's Starting Solids course was extremely useful. I loved the way she presented information in a way that was easy to digest but still provided the reasons for her suggestions so I could run it past my own "does-it-apply-to-me-ometer". The length of the course was perfect for busy mums to get started. I will be recommending it to other mums for sure!"

Starting Solids Attendee

"I found that following the eating plan made caring for my newborn so (comparatively) easy. I only had to compare myself to other mothers with newborns to know this. I don't ever recall thinking that the first 8 weeks were hard and I am sure this is because I followed Anna-Maria's guidance"

The 4th-trimester attendee

"This course gave me all the information I needed to feel confident about starting solids with my baby. I loved the fact that it was short and simple to follow, and gave explanations as to why certain foods should be introduced at different times. It's so handy to have the pdf document as a support that I can go back to anytime."

Starting Solids attendee

Anna-Maria Family



I base my educational events on scientific research as a nutritionist and herbalist, my clinic experience and the many years of being with women during births and in the postpartum.

My passion is to make you informed about your physical and mental health so you can do life with confidence and wisdom. Everything comes down to caring for yourself and have the support you need. Join me at these live events so you can get your questions answered and feel supported on your life journey. 

If you have any questions please get in touch. I am here to help. 

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