MotherhWise Membership with Anna-Maria ensures you have personalised care for yourself and your baby

Why should you become a member?
  • If you want to be the healthiest mother possible.
  • Have ongoing access to Anna-Maria’s naturopathic support and knowledge for all your motherhood questions.
  • If you like a holistic approach to life, motherhood and parenting.
  • If you want to approach parenting with as much mindfulness as possible.
  • If you never want to feel stuck or worried as a mother - this allows you to have a safe space to be heard and supported. 
How does it work?

By joining, you will have access to a like-minded community of new mothers,  Knowledge sessions and live Q & A sessions. We will journey together for 9 months.

The Membership is $49/month and will start in early June 2022. MotherWise is tailored for women in late pregnancy and early motherhood. 

You will benefit the most if you are about to give birth or have a baby under 6 months.


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Your mumspire membership

What's Covered In Your Mumspire Membership?

growing trust

You will find yourself

Connecting to and realising your strengths as a woman and a mother. You will be eating better and feeling healthier. You will have more ways to articulate your needs in an otherwise blurry time and inevitably feel more supported and able to practice better self-care. You will have a place to reach out for sound and caring support at your fingertips. You'll have more confidence compared to what motherhood otherwise can feel like. You'll reduce your chances of depression, anxiety, depletion, illness, feeding complications and more.


Your baby's health and growth

Ongoing support for your newborn/baby/child's wellbeing - drawing on my clinical experience in treating babies and children. Issues such as constipation, illness, immune, attachment, sleep, settling and bonding as well as starting solids in-depth advice and guidance so you can feel certain that you're offering your baby a great start to the world of food.

Building a team

How do you get support?

Via live Q&A events and detailed knowledge sessions. You will have access to a forum of like-minded mothers where you will be able to have ongoing support and wisdom from our community. Anna-Maria is available weekly in the forum or live to ensure you have continuous support and can deepen your knowledge further.

What's included in the Membership:  


Your Membership Includes

Nutrition support

Community group for your stage of motherhood

Supplementation and health guides

Thorough preventative health care

Recovery and symptom support

Breastfeeding/Formula counselling

Baby care and early childhood care recommendation

Starting Solids

Emotional & lifestyle support

Weight management

Optimise nutrient status

Fertility support for subsequent pregnancies

Prevention and management of anxiety & depression

Lifestyle and parenting guidance

Kids immune support inc (Fevers, cold and flus, psoriasis and eczema)

Parenting support

Easy meals planning for your family

Debriefing birth

Intimate Q & A forums

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Membership feedback

"Anna-Maria is really available and the Membership has allowed me flexibility in getting information for my family’s health. It’s great to connect with other mums and the Q& As have been very relevant and informative."

Megan Faulkner

"I found that following the eating plan made caring for my newborn so (comparatively) easy. I only had to compare myself to other mothers with newborns to know this. I don't ever recall thinking that the first 8 weeks were hard and I am sure this is because I followed Anna-Maria's guidance"


"Anna-Maria was also my doula, and I thought I would need to have a second child to be able to have that supportive professional relationship with her again where I could keep learning about my baby's and my health from her. This membership has been fantastic in everyway - educational, positive, and very calming for my overthinking mummy mind."


"Anna Maria has helped me through many ups and downs, twist and tangles with my families health. Always extremely thorough, kind and considered advice delivered with no judgement. Anna Maria is approachable, extremely knowledgable and provides practical nutrition advice as well as prescription herbs. There isn't much she can't help with! Highly recommend having Anna Maria on your team when it comes to women and your families health."


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