When Should I Hire A Doula?

By Anna-Maria Boelskov - April 11, 2018

When Should I Hire A Doula?

A doula can step in at any given time and be there for you and your partner. That's the skill we have as doulas - to very quickly tune into your situation and assess your physical and emotional need fairly swiftly and with ease. The big question here is what does it take for YOU to feel connected and thereby enable you to surrender to a new persons presence and support. This is why meeting with your doula before you decide if she is right for you is very important. Like anything in life, it's a dynamic, it's a vibe, and it's key during pregnancy and birth. I often get asked when to hire a doula, here are a few tips to help you clarify this.

My key advice to help you decide when to hire a doula:

  • Do you suffer from anxiety and do you feel anxious or nervous about the birth of your baby or becoming a mother?
  • Do you feel you have unanswered questions about the journey ahead of birth and motherhood?
  • Does your partner lack experience and skills when it comes to supporting you in this unknown time?
  • Do you feel you can't connect deeply with your medical caregivers, i.e. GP, OB, Midwife?
  • Are you wondering if you need to do more to get ready for birth and motherhood, but not sure what or where to start?

...Then I would say that getting a doula asap is essential, and ideally around 20 weeks.

You see, a doula is not just there for you during the birth or when you have a scheduled meeting. A doula is there for you continuously from the moment you decide to take her on. It is something I find hugely important with my clients. I always ensure I am reachable and able to talk through anything that's going on for the woman and couple I am supporting. That is the foundation of the trust and connection that makes the dynamic between my clients and me so beautiful. That bond is what makes your birth team particularly beautiful and supportive. So you may realise now that if you are prone to any variation of anxiety or lack deep connection with your care givers or partner a doula is best to be hired right away and ideally early on in your pregnancy before the third trimester.


What is a doula and what exactly does a birth doula do? Click to learn more.

Now - if you don't find yourself in need of continuous support, perhaps because you have had a baby before or you are just particularly chilled out about the entire ordeal. Then no rush! I do offer a reduced fee for attending births only and no prenatal care - however, it is far from ideal in my experience. Simply due to the lack of connection beforehand. But If you feel strong and ready and have a super supportive partner, then a doula can be hired much closer to your due date. A meeting before the birth is needed of course, when possible. I know a client of mine shared that she met her doula (for her first baby in another country, I was her doula here in Sydney for her second bub) for their initial meet and greet and during the meeting, my client went into labour. Funny story, but they clicked, and their dynamic was beautiful and my client forever grateful. So in essence it's never to late. 

What is the bottom line? Hire a doula when you get the inkling (gut feeling) that you're not currently having the support you need. I know my clients appreciate the continuity of care, the ability to reach me and chat as needed to ensure no worries get out of proportion and maybe more importantly that the type of care I offer as a doula is preventing anything to get unpleasant or worrisome. Being proactive is your best preparation as an expecting mother. A doula will help you be informed and enable you to find the tools and information you need to make the best decisions for you and your baby. 

So ask yourself. Why do I want a doula? How am I feeling right now and thinking about the months ahead? Who are my closest confidants, and are they equipped to be supporting me and nurturing me in this unique time? Always check in with your self. What are you in need of and how would you like your doula to help you. That is something essential to bring forward in the initial meet and greet with your potential doula.

And finally, due to the limited number of clients, any given doula can take on every month it is a good idea to get on to your doula search as soon as you realise you want one on your birth team.

Learn more about my doula services and get in touch if you have any questions about my doula or clinic services. You can also read some of the birth experiences from my past clients to help get a feel for what the dynamic is like. 

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