How to Get Rid of Sugar Cravings FAST!

By Anna-Maria Boelskov - March 30, 2016

Sugar cravings, we all know them! However they do not have to be an everyday thing, it is freeing when you get rid of them, and great for the waistline. Every time there's a public holiday (Easter, Christmas, New Years etc) or big social events (weddings and birthdays) or a wave of stress or sleep deprivation (YES, I am talking to you mommies out there!) it is a sure gateway for old habits to re-enter. I was just reminded of this over the Easter long weekend, so I want to share my tips on how to combat those cravings:

  • Have a few cups daily of BLACK ADDER TEA. This is a sweet tasting herbal liquorice tea with. The added benefit of this is its ability to boost the adrenal health and is great as an afternoon ‘pick me up’. Does not contain caffeine.
  • 1’st off have some water, or a herbal tea. Sometimes hunger and sugar cravings can be due to dehydration – so by having a large glass of water or a herbal tea first is a way to rule this out.
  • Cinnamon is ideal to add into your diet daily when your feeling lingering sugar cravings - add it to your smoothies, your yoghurt, sprinkle it on anything you can think of! Kids tend love it, so a favourite of mine is to add a sprinkle of cinnamon to my daughters warm porridge, instead of sugar (of course)!
  • Another great one for the kids (and adults) is to make a stewed apple and sprinkle cinnamon on there, it's really yummy and really great for digestion - as a side bonus! When my 5-year-old is getting a sluggish appetite I always make her a stewed green apple for a few days and she's back on track.
  • In clinic I do give Practitioner Strength Magnesium and Chromium supplements for really stubborn blood sugar problems - if this is you get in touch!
  • Grab something protein rich first (this will help manage the blood sugar rush that happens if you end up giving into the sugar craving and have that piece of cake or chocolate bar) – here are some options for you:

- A boiled egg with a pinch of sea salt

- 5-7 Tamari almonds

- Some coconut yoghurt or sugar-free cow's or sheep’s yoghurt with chopped almonds and sprinkle w cinnamon and a handful of chopped almonds, cashews and brazil nuts (perfect protein combination of the 3 different nuts together)

- A ryveta cracker with ricotta and/or avocado and sea salt.

If you have been battling sugar cravings for a while then you might have to start out by changing from the highly reactive white (commercial) sugars to healthier less reactive versions. These options contain sugar but are a better option than a classic biscuit or chocolate bar as they also provide vitamins and minerals and are eaten alongside protein and other nutrients:

  • ‘Caraway’ tahini & honey spread on a ryveta cracker, or on it’s own – a spoon full of this will give you the sweetness from the honey and the protein and good oils from the sesame seeds. You can buy this from health food shops. (not for kids under 12 months or if you have a known allergy in the family)
  • Yoghurt as above (always! sugar-free) with chopped nuts and berries or a piece of fruit like an: apple or a mango
  • A coconut water drink (the best option is a real coconut) – brings a lovely balance of electrolytes and hydration but also a sweet hit of sugar.
  • 3-5 Dried figs - good boost of calcium by the way.

These are some options and just remember stick to it and within 14 days your cravings should be gone – the one thing to always keep in mind is:

If you have chocolate/sugar/cake/biscuits etc you must have some protein with it! This will do a few good things for you:

  1. Stabilize blood sugar levels (reduce the level of meltdown in kids)
  2. Help you feel satisfied sooner, and avoid going for seconds.
  3. Help regulate insulin level (Insulin is under a lot of pressure when sugar is consumed regularly)
  4. Minimize the fatigue and ‘sugar drop’ you might get an hour after having a ‘sugar hit’.

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