Natural Home Remedy For Cold & Influenza

By Anna-Maria Boelskov - July 20, 2017

This is an easy and helpful home remedy to make at home when your kids are feeling unwell. Using food as medicine and you are supporting your child's natural immune defence by giving them this. I find it works so well when given the early signs of an infection.

See the video below for my Manuka immune syrup with garlic and onion.



Manuka nectar has a few medical advantages, some of which incorporate having antibacterial properties, helps in mending wounds quicker, can diminish plaque and gingivitis, recuperates fiery colitis, can enhance the resistant framework, helps in lessening a sleeping disorder and is useful for decreasing heartburn and sore throat.

Manuka nectar is a sort of nectar created from the nectar of Manuka tree which is local to New Zealand. Manuka is a tree which the Polynesian voyagers, the Maori in New Zealand, discovered upon their landing on the Islands. Thousands of years later, the Europeans landed in New Zealand. These voyagers carried European bumblebees alongside them. The bumblebees began gathering nectar from manuka tree or tea tree (Leptospermum scoparium as well as Leptospermum polygalifolium) and began producing unique sort of nectar.

The nectar ted did not turn into an instant success. Truth be told, it was difficult to get the nectar out of the honeycombs and substantially harder to sell due to its high price. The uniqueness of manuka nectar wasn't discovered until the mid-twentieth century. The revelation of manuka influenced the alternative natural medicine market as it helped recuperate wounds significantly quicker than some other means.

Main Benefits of the Home Remedy Syrup

- Antibacterial properties
- Soothing for the throat and tonsils
- Stimulate the immune system by increasing cytokine production
- Supplies vitamins and minerals

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