Women's & Children's Health Specialist

Women's & Children's Health Specialist
Naturopath, Lactation Counsellor & Birth Doula

Doula Services   Clinic Services

Doula Services

Pregnancy & Birth Support

As a doula, I am your and your partner's support person during pregnancy, labour and post-birth so you can have an optimal experience with the best support. Birth is best done with continuity of care and with a loving birth team

Clinic consultations

Nutritional & Herbal Medicine

I specialise in women's and children's health, and it brings me such joy to support and educate women and parents around the world. My consultations cover all you need from mental and physical health, nutrition and pathology, as well as finding your unique way to build a long-lasting health-focused lifestyle.


Lactation support

With over ten years of experience with breastfeeding and lactation, I have supported countless mothers on their breastfeeding journey. I help women identify the issues at hand, such as latching, baby's positioning, correct milk transfer and more I support women in a holistic way looking at the mother and baby dyad to ensure everything is working synergistically.

Doula, Naturopathy And education are my 

Three Keys For Motherhood

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Continuity of care

The biggest support needed in the journey to and during motherhood is continuity of care. Giving support by way of knowing you and your history saves you time and offers you and your loved ones optimal care and support.

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Personalised Nutrition

As an individual you have needs that are unique to you. Your family history, your constitution, your lifestyle all serves as a blueprint that is yours only. By honouring this your nutrition must be tailored accordingly to serves you the best health possible.

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Individual education

Wellbeing and thriving in life requires a multifaceted approach of continuous education through the different stages of your life. You are always going to be searching for further growth and wisdom as a mother which I wholehartedly encourage.

My Mission

Clinic & Doula


"Anna-Maria involved my husband George in conversations when she came to our house for home visits, and asked him how he was doing and made him feeling included. Most importantly, Anna-Maria supported my husband during the birth. I was induced and my husband was remarkable in the support he provided. Anna-Maria respected the dynamic in the room and supported my husband in supporting me in the birth."



"Thanks again for your consults, you are fantastic! Your clients are very lucky to have found you!"


Massage & physiotherapist, Sydney Eastern Suburbs

"…thank you so much for your knowledge, patience, humour and determined curiosity, it’s been a wonderful end to a long-standing problem for me. I’d recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat."



"My main problem I had before I started working with Anna-Maria was constant tiredness. The problem that I found being tired was I was always wanting to have a sleep during the day, lack of motivation and generally just not my happy self, our sex life was also suffering."


Mother of two

"Before seeing Anna-Maria I had been suffering for 15+ years (I’m 32) with a pretty fragile digestive system that meant I was often (fortnightly) very uncomfortable for 1-3 days with diarrhea and bloating. I wasn’t sure what Anna-Maria could do to help, but I thought that a new opinion on my digestion, as well as a handful of recommendations for improving my general nutrition and health, was certainly worth a visit."



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About Anna-Maria

In my own life as well as when working with my patients, I go back to basics and use food as medicine. When the body needs a little extra guidance to get back into balance, I use herbal medicine and nutritional supplements for extra support. I believe that preventing ill-health and maintaining wellbeing on a daily basis is better than cure. That is why I always work to find the underlying cause of my patients’ symptoms to restore health at a cellular level. That helps prevent recurrence and ensures a deep and long-lasting solution.

“After a handful of sessions I feel like I have a wealth of knowledge that I can use to keep my nutrition on track for years to come – thank you Anna-Maria!”


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