Grow a healthy baby and a strong you

Is it important to you to know that you are eating the right food during pregnancy to feel great and give your baby all that is needed to be strong and healthy?

You will learn what to eat for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum, particularly aimed at teaching you the key to support optimal health for your baby and setting up his or her best possible blueprint for longterm health. You will also be armed with the best possible information to aid you in successful breastfeeding.

This will offer you all the wisdom you need to embrace a beautiful pregnancy and start to motherhood. It is not about controlling food or being restrictive - it is about knowing what your body needs in this special time to nourish both you and your baby.

Starting Solids

This booklet will take you through the stages of introducing the different foods to your baby. I have added notes and recipes as well, I truly hope you feel well equipped to offer your baby the best start in life and help them build a strong and happy relationship with food!

As this is an online course it is for general recommendations only. I do not have you or your baby in front of me, so please follow my guidelines and always seek further advice if you have any questions, concerns or if your baby has been unwell or is taking medication


Boost My Bub

In this course, I have gathered my top favourite ways to support children when they are immune compromised. These are tools that I have used for years in my clinic and with my own kids at home. I know that when we focus on early management and prevention using natural and holistic approaches we help the immune fend off pathogens faster and can reduce the severity of the infections.

This is ideal for some of the most common viral and bacterial infections. Please know that this course is for general use only to support you in helping your child at home. I am always available to support you further if needed.